Totally Totilas is a proud supporter of  Dressage At Devon. It is our mission to raise more funds for Dressage At Devon. We have  created a special opportunity for you to participate: Totally Totilas Dressage At Devon 2016. This unique "event within an event"  provides you the opportunity to co-brand as a triple-gold partner.  In 2015, we worked with Dressage at Devon to create  a sectioned off Viewing Area for Totally Totilas and our co-sponsors' VIP Guests to watch the four, five and six year old performance division compete in the Gold Ring Thursday, October 1st. 

With the continued annual presence of Dressage At Devon in Devon, Pennsylvania; the development of Wellington in Wellington, Florida and the Central Park  Dressage Shows in  New York City, we are convinced that improvements in the quality of performance horse breeding, coupled with high standards in training and riding set the stage for further growth in the sport of dressage. Be a part of it. 

Become a Totally Totilas Dressage At Devon 2016 sponsor. Please contact us to start the process.